Osum Canyon from Berat

Osum Canyon from Berat

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**Osum Canyon, Albania**


**Why Should I Go to Osum Canyon?**

Osum Canyon (Kanioni i Osumit) is a breathtaking natural wonder in Albania, allowing you to walk on its valley floor. The canyon offers stunning views, and while some parts may require careful navigation, the experience is well worth it. The canyon is particularly enchanting for photography enthusiasts.


**How Do I Get There?**

The most straightforward way to reach Osum Canyon is from Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a minibus to Corovoda,  LOCATED CLOSE TO BERAT HOSPITAL   Google location   DEPARTURE TIME : 08:15  10:00  12:00  approximately 50km from Berat. Remember that the journey may take 2-3 hours due to challenging roads and mountainous terrain. Once in Corovoda, continue on SH72 – hitchhiking is a practical option as there are no regular bus or train services. The entrance to the canyon is around 10-15km from the town center. If you plan to return to Berat on the same day, be mindful of transportation limitations. If you have your vehicle, reaching the canyon is more convenient.

**Where Can I Sleep Overnight?**

Camping is the primary option for overnight stays. Camp on the left bank of the Osum River before it enters the gorges, choosing a terrain that ensures safety in case of stormy weather. If you prefer a less adventurous option, try to arrange transportation back to Corovoda for the night. There are hotels and guesthouses in Corovoda, and you can inquire about accommodation options in advance.


**Where Do I Eat & Drink?**

Purchase your food in a local store in Corovoda before heading to the canyon. There are local stores and a market near the minibus drop-off point in the town center. Along the road to the canyon entrance, you’ll find a coffee/bar/terrace/camping site on the right-hand side. Enjoy a refreshing drink and take a seat with a beautiful view of the canyon. Be sure to explore the surroundings and appreciate the breathtaking scenery.


– Hiking: Explore the areas above the canyon, even though there are no marked hiking trails. The canyon is easily visible from the roadside.

– River Activities: If you plan to enter the canyon, ensure you have proper gear such as life jackets and helmets, as the river can be unpredictable.

– Camping: Find suitable spots for camping or camper vans. [Here]  is a camping spot recommendation.

Note: Always prioritize safety and respect local regulations while exploring Osum Canyon.

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Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
All year
You can spend 1 full day or even camp
No services in the area.
Normal vehicles and busses can arrive at the canyon
Not suitable for people with disabilities.