Mount Shpirag – Hiking trial

Mount Shpirag – Hiking trial

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Mount Shpirag:**


– **Striking Presence near Berat:** Mount Shpirag commands attention on the right as you approach the city of Berat. Its distinctive appearance, marked by ridges to the east and west, characterizes it as a noteworthy landmark. Often referred to as the “little brother” of Mount Tomorr, Mount Shpirag offers a captivating sight.


– **Accessible Summit at Mali I Shpiragut:** Standing at 1198 meters, the summit of Mali I Shpiragut is an easily attainable hiking destination. Various routes lead to the top, offering flexibility in your approach. One notable path originates in the small village of Galine, guiding hikers on a traverse from south to north. Another route commences in Sinje, serving as a starting point for the ascent. Along the trail’s inception, an XII-XIII century church dedicated to St. Mary adds historical charm.

– **Panoramic Views:** The summit of Mount Shpirag rewards hikers with expansive vistas, including the Ionian Sea, the island of Sazan, and prominent southern Albanian peaks such as Mount Tomorr.


**How to Get There:**

– The road from Berat to the starting point of Shpirag Mountain is paved, providing smooth accessibility. Drive from Berat to Sinje village, and the starting point is conveniently located at this [Google Maps location]

**Hike Details:**

– **Distance:** 4.42 miles

– **Elevation Gain:** 1,594 feet

– **Technical Difficulty:** Easy

– **Elevation Loss:** 1,414 feet

– **Maximum Elevation:** 3,935 feet

– **Minimum Elevation:** 2,379 feet

– **Trail Type:** One Way

**Hiking Map 


Embark on the Mount Shpirag hike for an accessible adventure, where the natural beauty of the landscape unfolds with each step. This journey, characterized by its ease and scenic rewards, showcases the diverse and captivating terrain that makes Mount Shpirag a delightful destination near the city of Berat.

Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
All year
You can spend 1 full day or even camp
No services in the area.
Normal vehicles and busses can arrive at the canyon
Not suitable for people with disabilities.