“Berat Beauty: Explore, Experience, Enjoy!”

Shepherd’s Delight: Farm and 4×4 Adventure Tour

1200 1600 Visit Berat

Discover the Pastoral Beauty of Plashnik Village on an Unforgettable Rural Odyssey     **Overview:** Experience the rustic charm of…

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Off Road Trails in Berat – Berat to Këlcyra

1920 2560 Visit Berat

Explorers’ Expedition: Unveiling Central South Albania **Explorers’ Expedition: Unveiling Central South Albania** Embark on a picturesque journey through the heart…

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Off Road Trails in Berat – Motorcycle and 4×4 Experience the Enchanting Eqrem Bey Vlora Trail

1600 1200 Visit Berat

Experience the Enchanting Eqerem Bey Vlora Trail Tomorr South Summit The trial Clouds Day 1: Berat – Kapinove – Tomorr…

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