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Villa in Berat – Villa The Well House, Gorica Quarter

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Villa The Well House, Gorica Quarter. Villa The Well House, located in Gorica’s UNESCO Quarter, offers a unique blend of history and modern comfort. With four well-furnished rooms, complete with…

Villa in Berat – Villa Elmar Mangalem Quarter

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Villa Elmar, Mangalem Quarter. Nestled in Berat’s historic Mangalemi quarter, Villa Elmar offers a prime location just moments away from key attractions. Our charming villa boasts five spacious and elegantly…

Villa in Berat – Villa Oda Tomori Berat Castle

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Villa Oda Tomori, Berat Castle Discover Villa Oda Tomori nestled within Berat Castle, featuring three private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a family suite boasting a charming chimney. This characteristic…

Villa in Berat – Villa Maria Berat Castle

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Villa Maria, Berat Castle Perched within Berat Castle, Villa Maria stands as a 300-year-old jewel amidst this ancient fortress with a history dating back 2500 years. Immerse yourself in the…

Villa in Berat – Villa Athina Berat Castle

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Villa Athina, Berat Castle Welcome to Villa Athina, a timeless haven nestled in Berat Castle’s historic walls since 1741. Our villa promises not just accommodation but an authentic Albanian experience…

Villa in Berat – Villa Kokoshi Berat Castle

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Villa Kokoshi, Berat Castle Indulge in the charm of Villa Kokoshi, an architectural gem nestled within Berat Castle. This unique abode harmoniously blends stone and wood, offering a stylish retreat…