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Best things to do in Berat.

A Guide to visiting Berat Albania

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A GUIDE TO VISITING BERAT ALBANIA Written by Mar All travel in Albania needs to start in Tirana. After visiting the capital I would…

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Things To See In Berat Albania In One Day

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Things To See In Berat Albania In One Day   Article by Berat, Albania, a UNESCO World Heritage site, captivates…

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Berat, Albania: The City of a Thousand Windows

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Article By If there’s one place you have to visit in Albania, make it beautiful Berat—also known as ‘the…

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12 Things to Do in Berat, Albania’s City of a Thousand Window

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  Article by Wander-Lush   The very best things to do in Berat Albania, including Berat Castle and a day trip…

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