Off Road Trails in Berat – Top of Albania (Tomorri) and Gjerbes Loop

Off Road Trails in Berat – Top of Albania (Tomorri) and Gjerbes Loop

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Top of Albania (Tomorri) and Gjerbes Loop

**Itinerary Description: Journey to the Summit of Tomorri Mountain**

Embark on a remarkable 4WD adventure leading to the pinnacle of Albania’s landscape, reaching a soaring altitude of 2379 meters accessible by car—a feat achieved by countless explorers annually, particularly during the revered Bektashi celebration of Abbas Aliu.

For the Bektashi faithful, Tomorri Mountain holds profound significance, often referred to as “Baba Tomorr.” Nestled on the lower southern summit lies the mausoleum of Abbas Aliu, erected in 1620. Adorned with verses from the esteemed poet Naim Bey Frashëri, the mausoleum bears witness to Aliu’s legendary journey from Karbala, where he perished in 680 AD, to his final resting place on these sacred grounds, a testament to his enduring legacy.

Each year, from the 20th to the 25th of August, the Bektashi community congregates for a vibrant multi-day festival atop Tomorri Mountain, drawing thousands of pilgrims to partake in the jubilant festivities. (For further details, visit [link to Facebook page].)

Traversing the Kulmake pass, nestled between the southern summit and the Mali i Kulmakes, lies a Tekke—a spiritual sanctuary adding to the mystical allure of the journey.

At the Kulmake pass, a welcoming guesthouse awaits, its facilities expanding with each passing year. Accommodations include eight bunk beds alongside communal bathroom and kitchen amenities. While rates are not fixed, contributions are encouraged, aligning with the spirit of pilgrimage. Rest assured, a restful night’s sleep awaits within these hallowed surroundings, with additional tents erected during the festive season in honor of Abbas Aliu.

Embarking on the 7-kilometer ascent from the guesthouse to the summit, adventurers are met with awe-inspiring vistas and well-maintained roads, albeit with challenging switchbacks. Embracing inclusivity, this road grants accessibility to all, echoing the ethos found in other renowned summits worldwide.

For those seeking further exploration, the trail extends towards Maja e Kulmakes, a summit conquered on subsequent days, offering additional vistas and adventures.

Post-summit triumph, the journey continues towards Gjerbes, winding around Mali i Kulmakes to Corovode. While not overly arduous, this trail promises panoramic views of the Tomorri River valley and beyond, providing a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable expedition.

In essence, this itinerary encapsulates both spiritual reverence and natural splendor, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the mystique of Tomorri Mountain—a journey of discovery, reflection, and boundless wonder.



Visitor Information:

Approx 4 h driving then spending couple of hours exploring the surroundings
Distance45.79 mi
Guest House in Gjerbes village
Only 4×4 vehicles – And offroad motorcycles
The road is medium level – you need to have good driving skills. Skip the rainy season for the Journey from Ujanik to Gjerbes