Off Road Trails in Berat – Berat to Këlcyra

Off Road Trails in Berat – Berat to Këlcyra

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Explorers’ Expedition: Unveiling Central South Albania

**Explorers’ Expedition: Unveiling Central South Albania**

Embark on a picturesque journey through the heart of central south Albania, where every twist and turn reveals breathtaking panoramas of Tomorri Mountain and the surrounding villages. This trail stands as a pinnacle of moderate 4-wheeling adventures, seamlessly connecting bustling towns across diverse regions.

Our initial foray along the road from Këlcyra to Berat left us spellbound, albeit with a slight detour due to map inaccuracies. What was portrayed as a major highway turned into an unexpected odyssey, adding extra hours to our journey—a cautionary tale for fellow enthusiasts navigating these routes.

Fast forward four years and 50,000 kilometers later, we embarked on the reverse journey from Berat to Këlcyra, greeted by familiar landscapes and newfound perspectives. Despite occasional challenges, the road’s condition remains passable, albeit with hints of erosion, particularly between Tërpan and Buzë. We advise caution, especially during heavy rains, as these sections may prove treacherous without proper maintenance.

Bestowing a moderate rating upon this trail, we urge travelers to allocate sufficient time for potential delays, ensuring a stress-free exploration of the region’s wonders.

Fear not, for contingency plans are in place. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, an escape route awaits at Buzë, strategically positioned midway between Berat and Këlcyra, offering passage to Memaliaj near Tepelene. Notably, the final stretch from Dicnica to Këlcyra boasts a well-maintained dirt road, poised for imminent asphalt coverage—an upgrade indicative of Albania’s evolving infrastructure.

In essence, this expedition promises not only awe-inspiring landscapes but also tales of resilience and discovery, epitomizing the spirit of adventure that defines Albania’s rugged terrain. So, rev up your engines and embark on a journey where every bend brings forth a new chapter in your exploration of this enchanting land.


Visitor Information:

Approx 4 h driving then spending couple of hours exploring the surroundings
43.45 mi
No services in this route
Only 4×4 vehicles – And offroad motorcycles
The road is medium level – you need to have good driving skills.