Off Road Trails in Berat – Motorcycle and 4×4 Experience the Enchanting Eqrem Bey Vlora Trail

Off Road Trails in Berat – Motorcycle and 4×4 Experience the Enchanting Eqrem Bey Vlora Trail

1600 1200 Visit Berat
Experience the Enchanting Eqerem Bey Vlora Trail

Day 1: Berat – Kapinove – Tomorr Mountain Abas Ali Summit – Gjerbes Village

Begin your adventure from the historic city of Berat in the morning, where your journey through the wonders of Albania commences. Your destination: the picturesque village of Kapinove, nestled in the heart of Tomorr National Park. As you depart from Berat, the smooth asphalt road leads you to Kapinove, offering glimpses of the stunning landscapes that await.

Upon arrival in Kapinove, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature, with Tomorr Mountain standing majestically in the distance. Your next destination is the summit of Tomorr Mountain, where the revered tomb of Abas Ali awaits. As you ascend to the highest point of the mountain, you’ll marvel at the breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the spiritual significance of this sacred site, revered by both the Bektashi order and Albanians alike.

Before reaching the summit, you will see the Bektashi Complex, including the tombs of Dervishes and the Teqe. At this spot, it is possible to camp with cars or tents in a safe location. After paying homage at the summit, continue your journey towards the charming village of Ujanik, where you’ll spend the night surrounded by the tranquility of rural Albania. Here, amidst the serene beauty of the countryside, you’ll have the opportunity to rest and recharge, ready for the adventures that lie ahead. Overnight stay in Ujanik, where the warmth of Albanian hospitality awaits to welcome you.

Google Locations

  1. Kapinove
  2. Teqe – the complex of bektashi buildings. Y
  3. Abass Ali Summit – South Summit of Tommor mountain
  4. Ujanik Village
  5. Accommodation in Ujanik

Day 2: Explore the Surroundings of Ujanik – Sleep in Ujanik

After a restful night in the tranquil village of Ujanik, prepare for a day of immersive exploration amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Today’s itinerary promises thrilling hiking adventures and exhilarating 4×4 experiences, ensuring an unforgettable journey through Albania’s rugged wilderness.

If you choose to spend another night in Ujanik, your day begins with a leisurely exploration of the village and its picturesque surroundings. Take in the idyllic charm of rural life as you wander through the winding pathways, soaking in the serene ambiance of this hidden gem nestled amidst the mountains. Embark on a thrilling off-road or hiking excursion to Trebel – Shpatanj and Luadh villages. From there, continue your journey to Luadh village, a remote enclave surrounded by verdant forests and steeped in the tranquility of nature’s embrace. The road to Luadh village offers a thrilling adventure, winding through dense forests adorned with majestic oak trees and offering breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Google Locations

  1. Luadh Village
  2. Trebel Village
  3. Shpataj Village

Day 3: Ujanik – Gjerbes – Greve – Gurkuq – Bardhas – Moglice – Gramsh

Wake up in the morning and embark on a 4×4 journey to Gjerbes and Zaloshnje villages, both part of the Tomorrica region. These villages offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. After exploring Gjerbes, where you’ll find minimarkets, stock up on provisions for the rest of your journey.

Continue your journey to the east, towards Greve. The river, known as Tomorrica, divides the region of Berat from Gramsh, with Greve now situated in the Gramsh area. This mountainous part of Albania offers breathtaking scenery. Take a moment to stop at Qafa e Gjarprit, a scenic spot where you can enjoy a picnic and admire the views.

Proceed to Moglice, where the road becomes asphalt. Drive north towards Gramsh. Along the way, consider making a detour to Liqeni I Zi in Valamara, a lake located over 1000 meters above sea level.

Arrive in Gramsh, a small city, where you’ll spend the night.

Google locations

  1. Gjerbes Village
  2. Zaloshnje village
  3. River crossing point
  4. Qafa e Gjarperit
  5. Moglice
  6. Liqeni I Zi – Lake in Valamara Mountain
  7. Gramsh city
  8. Accommodation in Gramsh

Day 4: Gramsh – Sotire – Kerpice – Terrove – Qafe Dardhe

Your journey begins with a drive to the village of Sotire, where you’ll embark on an off-road adventure to Sotira Waterfall. From the car, hike for about 30 minutes to reach this fantastic waterfall, where cold waters flow from Tomorr Mountain.

Continue to Kerpice, known for its natural springs that originate from the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the refreshing waters before proceeding to the forgotten village of Terrove.

From Terrove, the road to Qafe Dardhe village becomes more challenging, offering an adrenaline-fueled journey. Spend the night in Qafe Dardhe, where guesthouses can be found.

Google Location

  1. Sotira Village
  2. Sotira Waterfall
  3. Kerpice springs
  4. Terrove Village
  5. Shen Pjeter – Alpine valley
  6. Qafe Dardhe Village
  7. Accommodation in Qafe Dardhe

Day 5: Summit of Tomorr Mountain North Side – Hiking

Wake up early for a hike to the highest part of Tomorr Mountain. This challenging trek takes approximately 8-9 hours round trip and is of hard difficulty, but not dangerous. The summit has been frequented since ancient times for worship and is considered one of the holiest parts of the mountain.

After your hike, return to the village and embark on an off-road drive back to Berat, which takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.End of the adventure, with memories to last a lifetime.

  1. Hiking Trail link

Please note – the Journey of Eqerem Vlora was different as it was maddening on foot and with mules. This 4×4 with Hiking parts is something very similar to the Trail he did

Below is his original plan



In the annals of Albanian exploration, few tales shine as brightly as that of Eqerem Bey Vlora’s legendary hiking expedition. As the crisp morning of October 7, 1906, dawned over the historic city of Berat, Eqerem Bey Vlora, accompanied by his intrepid crew, embarked on a journey that would etch their names into the annals of history.

**Day 1: The Journey Begins**

Departing from Berat with the sun casting its golden glow upon the landscape, Eqerem Bey Vlora’s caravan wended its way through the winding paths towards Fushe-Peshtan. From there, their path led them to a realm where hills unfolded like waves on the sea. With determination etched on their faces, they traversed these undulating hills until they reached the picturesque village of Kapinove, their first waypoint on the road to adventure.

**Day 2: Conquering Heights**

As dawn painted the sky in hues of pink and gold, Eqerem Bey Vlora and his companions set forth from Kapinove, their eyes fixed upon the lofty summit of Tomorr Mountain. The trail ahead promised no respite, for it was a path fraught with challenge and adversity. Undeterred, they pressed onward, their spirits undimmed by the daunting task that lay ahead. With each step, they drew closer to their goal until, at long last, they stood upon the summit of Abas Ali, their hearts swelling with pride at their remarkable achievement.

**Day 3: A Hunt in the Wilderness**

In the shadow of the towering peaks of Zaloshnje, Eqerem Bey Vlora sought adventure of a different kind. With bow in hand and a fire in his eyes, he ventured forth into the rugged terrain in pursuit of wild goats. For hours, he and his companions roamed the mountainside, their senses attuned to the rhythms of the wilderness. Though the hunt proved elusive, their spirits remained undaunted as they returned to the village, their hearts filled with the thrill of the chase.

**Day 4: A Marathon of Miles**

With the dawn of a new day, Eqerem Bey Vlora and his band of adventurers embarked on a journey that would test the limits of their endurance. Across 38 kilometers of rugged terrain, they traveled, their footsteps echoing in the silence of the wilderness. From Zaloshnje to Trebel, Duncke to Romas, their path led them through villages lost to time and landscapes of breathtaking beauty. As the sun dipped below the horizon, they found respite in the village of Qafe Dardhe, their bodies weary but their spirits unbroken.

**Day 5: Reaching New Heights**

With the summit of Tomorr Mountain beckoning, Eqerem Bey Vlora and his companions set forth once more, their eyes fixed upon the highest peak. With each step, they ascended ever higher, their determination unwavering in the face of the mountain’s formidable heights. At last, they stood upon the northern summit, their gaze sweeping across the rugged landscape below. With the descent behind them, they journeyed onwards to the village of Karkanjoz, their hearts filled with the triumph of their accomplishment.

*Day 6: Homeward Bound**

As the final day of their journey dawned, Eqerem Bey Vlora and his comrades descended from the heights of Karkanjoz, their hearts heavy with the knowledge that their adventure was drawing to a close. Yet, even as they bid farewell to the rugged landscapes that had been their home for so long, their spirits remained buoyant with the memories of the journey they had undertaken. And so, with heads held high and hearts full of wonder, they returned to Berat, their names forever etched into the annals of Albanian history.


Visitor Information:

Approx 4 h driving then spending couple of hours exploring the surroundings
This trial is 82 Km
Villa Sofia wich is in Gllave then in the return way Minimarket can be found on sinje village
Only 4×4 vehicles – And offroad motorcycles
The road is medium level – you need to have good driving skills. Skip the rainy season for the Journey from Gllave to Osmenzeze