Sinje Village Sinje village is 18 kilometers from Berat

If you are in Berat it is worth going for half a day. This is an area of ​​great historical and natural importance. The village lies at the foot of Mount Shpirag which is mentioned in the legends and stories of Berat.

The village is very interesting and offers beautiful views of valleys, hills and old houses. In its center is a museum dedicated to the war for freedom of Albanian patriots. Some murals of socialist realism are well preserved there.

Near the museum, a source of cold water coming from the mountain which is the symbol of the village.

A climb to the Church of the Hermits is something worthwhile. The church is built inside a cave around the 11th century and served as a shelter for monks. As you walk inside of the cave is like traveling back in time and living with this peaceful monk who quit from the material life and dedicating their whole being to God the Creator the savior. A beautiful fresco that resisted the centuries wants to talk and makes you remember these monks.

As you come out of the Cave the view is fantastic  The sunset leaves you breathless. When the sun sinks under the hills of Vlora, a red flame seizes the horizon. It’s so romantic

The village is known for the very good products of the area and 2 rustic restaurants are serving the authentic food of this region.

Sinja Park or the other restaurant which is located close to the center.

The villagers also offer mule rides on the outskirts of the village. We suggest you do not miss such an experience with mules. The caravan mule riding could go on the summit of Shpirag Mountain or in the surroundings of Sinja

About 3 km in the north of Sinja you will find Mbjeshova Castle – 4×4 vehicle required from Sinja to the castle or you can walk as the distance is not very Long

You will pass by the village of Mbjeshova,a small village with old houses and many families living

Around you will see fertile valleys where the locals are planting vegetables and trees and they look so beautiful just on the feet of Shpirag Mountain

The castle is located in a scenic position on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful nature. The hike to the castle is challenging as the trails are not visible and you need to pass through the bushes. It’s a nice hike full of adventure.

Mbjeshova castle was a very important castle controlling an ancient route that connected Berat with the Vlora – Adriatic Sea.


How to Get to Sinje village Shpirag mountain?

The road from Berat to Shpirag is asphalt – the asphalt ends in the village of Sinje.

How to get to Mbjeshove Castle & Village?

Mbjeshove is about 3 km from Sinje – you need a 4×4 vehicle but you can walk from Sinje to Mbjeshove The castle location 

Where to eat?

Some restaurants serve good food

One of the restaurants is Sinja Park and the other restaurant is just beside the museum in the village center

What to do?

Visit the church – Hermit church located in the cave in Shpirag mountain

Hiking Shpirag Mountain – The hike could start from the village center – it takes about 2 hours to reach the summit.

The views from the summit are breathtaking

Mule riding – locals are offering mule riding tours – the classic itinerary is from Sinje to the summit of Shpirag . It could be from Sinje to Mbjeshova village

Visit Mbjeshova village & Mbjeshova Castle – This is an old village with a great character – it has so much to offer – Beautiful views of natural surroundings, a small lake, hills, streams, and a small canyon. The castle is located on a dominant hill overlooking almost half of Albania and it has so much history. Walk through the ancient walls and travel back in time

We can arrange transport / trips/ contact locals for Mule trip