Off Road Trails in Berat – Motorcycle and 4×4 Experience the Enchanting Evliya Çelebi Trail

Off Road Trails in Berat – Motorcycle and 4×4 Experience the Enchanting Evliya Çelebi Trail

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Experience the Enchanting Evliya Çelebi Trail

Berat -Zhitom- Rehove – Terpan – Gllava – Gllava Hill – Villa Sofia – Osmenzeze – Sinje – Berat Embark on a captivating journey along the historic route from Berat to Osmenzeze, tracing the footsteps of the renowned traveler, Evlia Celebi. This scenic trail, spanning approximately 80 kilometers, offers a thrilling adventure suitable for 4×4 vehicles.

As you traverse through picturesque landscapes, you’ll follow an ancient path that once connected Berat with Greece, steeped in history and cultural significance. The route promises an exhilarating drive, with varying levels of adrenaline-pumping excitement, allowing speeds ranging from 40 to 70 kilometers per hour.

Your expedition begins in Berat, winding through charming old villages and national parks. Along the way, several points of interest beckon for exploration.

From Berat to Drobonik, the route unfolds, leading you to the quaint village of Zhtiom, where an ancient teqe   ( A holy shrine for the Locals ) awaits your discovery. This part of the road offers great views of Tomorr Mountain and the Hills on the right. Many small villages are located on both sides of the road

Continuing your journey, you’ll encounter the haunting remnants of a communist building near Rehove, offering a poignant pause amid the rugged landscape. From here you can follow a turn to visit another Shrine site which is located here

The journey from Zhitom to Terpan will offer great views of the surroundings. On the left side of the road, spanning thousands of hectares, lies the illustrious Ballolli National Reserve, a sanctuary for biodiversity and natural splendor. Here, amidst the sprawling landscape, a diverse array of flora and fauna thrives, including majestic oak trees and towering pines. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this protected area, where the harmonious balance of nature captivates the senses and offers a glimpse into the unspoiled wilderness.

As you venture towards Terpan village, the scenic beauty of a tranquil lake on your left and the majestic Ballolli National Reserve on your right mesmerize the senses. The village of Terpan has been one of the most important villages for 20 years. Today only a few families are living here.

From Terpan Drive at Gllave, a panoramic vista awaits atop Gllava Hill, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding terrain.  The vehicle can go to the summit of the Gllave where the Antennas Are Located. From here you have a view on all sides  Make a memorable stop at Villa Sofia, a charming guest house nestled amidst nature, where hearty meals and cozy accommodations await.

Here you will see this monument: Going left to Villa Sofia going right takes you to Osmenzeze.

Google location for the Shrine is here 

Heading southwest, delve into the intriguing history of Islamic shrines at the Teqe before exploring the remnants of communist tunnels, adding a touch of intrigue to your journey. As you navigate through challenging terrain towards Osmenzeze, dense oak forests and rugged landscapes envelop you, creating an immersive wilderness experience. Before reaching the Osmenzeze you will drive through the forest than you will see this Valley called Livadhi  i Bukur – Here is the location .

Traverse through the scenic alpine valley of Sheshi I Bukur, offering unparalleled panoramic views, ideal for a leisurely picnic or camping adventure.

The next Destination is Osmenzeze village – Famous for raising ships and goats. We meet many shepherds on our way to here.

Your expedition culminates in Sinje village, where a visit to the historic church of Hermits offers a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Finally, as you make your way back to Berat, the journey transitions to smooth asphalt roads, providing a moment of reflection on the memorable experiences shared along the Evlia Celebi Trail.

This trail was made possible through the generous support of the Resettling 2nd Call initiative, underscoring a commitment to preserving cultural heritage and fostering sustainable tourism. As a proud participant in the Visit Berat platform, which also received backing from the Resettling 2nd Call, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable support. Together, we endeavor to showcase the rich history and natural beauty of Berat while promoting responsible travel practices. Thank you for contributing to the success of this endeavor.

Visitor Information:

Approx 4 h driving then spending couple of hours exploring the surroundings
This trial is 82 Km
Villa Sofia wich is in Gllave then in the return way Minimarket can be found on sinje village
Only 4×4 vehicles – And offroad motorcycles
The road is medium level – you need to have good driving skills. Skip the rainy season for the Journey from Gllave to Osmenzeze