Abass Ali Summit – South summit of Tomor Mountain

Abass Ali Summit – South summit of Tomor Mountain

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Abbas Ali summit
Abbas Ali Summit – The Holy Mountain A Sacred Destination: Tomorri Peak Abbas Ali summit is located on the southern side of Tomorr Mountain and holds great spiritual significance. Annually, from the 17th to the 21st of August, it hosts one of the largest pilgrimages. Pilgrims from far and wide gather to pay their respects and seek blessings.

Mount Tomorr stands as one of the most significant spiritual destinations in Albania. Attracting individuals from various faiths, including Islam and Christianity, as well as those on broader spiritual quests. Beyond religious boundaries, the mountain beckons to seekers of light and truth, serving as a haven for those searching for a divine connection.

The allure of Mount Tomorr extends beyond organized pilgrimages, drawing people from diverse backgrounds who seek solace and inspiration amidst its serenity. The mountain serves as a place of spiritual retreat. Offering isolation and the breathtaking beauty of nature as a backdrop for reflection and contemplation.

For many, Mount Tomorr is more than a physical landmark; it embodies a profound spiritual space where people. Regardless of their religious affiliations, come together to seek enlightenment and forge a connection with the divine.

Accessing the Southern Side To reach the southern side of Tomorr Mountain, you can use a standard vehicle to travel from Berat to a spot known as the Teqeja e Abaz Aliut . Which is situated at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level. From the Teqe, you have two options to proceed to the summit: you can either embark on a scenic hike or choose the more adventurous 4×4 vehicle route.


– **Accommodation:** While guesthouses are relatively scarce in this part of the mountain, a few can be found. Providing a cozy and hospitable retreat for travelers who wish to extend their stay.

For an in-depth hiking map and more information on the route, you can refer to this [hiking map link] 

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Tomorri Peak Abaz Ali offers an extraordinary journey that seamlessly blends spirituality, natural beauty, and cultural exploration. It’s a place where the earthly and the divine converge, and where visitors can witness the profound traditions and breathtaking landscapes of this unique corner of Albania.

*Hike Details:**

8.44 miles
Elevation Gain
2,605 feet
Technical difficulty
Difficult – previews experiences needed
Elevation loss
2,890 feet
Maximum Elevation
7,932 feet
Minimum Elevation
5,095 feet
Total Time
Total time: Approximately 4  hours and 40 minutes