Sotira Waterfall

Sotira Waterfall

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Sotira Waterfall

Flowing from the majestic slopes of Mount Tomorr, pristine waters cascade into rugged limestone cliffs, giving birth to the awe-inspiring Sotira Waterfall. This natural wonder captivates an ever-growing number of tourists year after year, enchanting them with its breathtaking beauty. The waterfall’s waters gracefully plunge from varying heights, ranging from 20 to 100 meters, before gracefully meeting the limestone cliffs below, each drop creating a hypnotic and unforgettable spectacle.


Your journey to Sotira Waterfall commences in the enchanting region of Qafe Dardhe, a mere 16 kilometers from the waterfall. This picturesque starting point provides access to the village of Sotira. However, the road leading to the village is a winding, unpaved one, which may require around an hour of travel. Upon arriving at the quaint village, you’ll embark on a hike that lasts approximately an hour and a half. During the winter season, the journey becomes somewhat more challenging and occasionally impassable.


The untouched beauty of the surrounding natural environment embraces you with lush greenery and invigorating freshness, courtesy of the numerous springs scattered along the trail. At the culmination of your hike, the magnificent Sotira Waterfall unveils itself in all its glory. A picturesque meadow nearby provides the perfect vantage point to relish the extraordinary views and the surrounding landscape. This destination is a true haven for nature enthusiasts, offering an unspoiled paradise.


The Sotira River, born from the waterfall’s cascading waters, meanders through the pristine forest, enhancing the already awe-inspiring panorama. With appropriate footwear, you might even venture closer to the waterfall. Over the years, a path has been meticulously created to enhance the overall experience, but exercise caution, as the terrain can be somewhat slippery.

Here are the specific details for the hike to Sotira Waterfall:

– **Distance:** 4.52 miles

– **Elevation Gain:** 135 feet

– **Technical Difficulty:** Easy

– **Elevation Loss:** 541 feet

– **Maximum Elevation:** 4,219 feet

– **Minimum Elevation:** 940 feet

These details provide an overview of the hike’s length, elevation changes, and difficulty level, making it accessible to a wide range of hikers. Enjoy your journey to the captivating Sotira Waterfall!

To reach , follow these directions:

  1. Start by driving from Berat to Qafe Dardhe using this [Google Maps link]. Please note that a 4×4 vehicle is essential for this journey, as the terrain can be challenging.
  2. In Qafe Dardhe, you’ll find accommodation options that offer rooms, food, and breakfast. Additionally, they can arrange mules for you if you wish to use them for your journey.
  3. If you prefer a guided experience or assistance in organizing your hike to Tomorri Mountain, several companies offer tours and guides in this region. Feel free to contact them if you are interested in their services.

Hiking Map 


These directions and the information provided should help you plan your journey to Tomorri Mountain and make your experience more enjoyable and convenient.

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Visitor Information:

Within the broader Tomorr Mountain region, you can explore various destinations:
Drive from Berat to Qafe Dardhe
The drive will take approx  1 hour 45 minutes. Offroad vehicle only
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When you see the fountain that has fresh water lave the vehicle and start your hike
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Approx 15 minte from the fountain you will see the valley – it offer great views.
On the left side while you are hiking in the Valley you will see the canyon
Becke Village
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Sotira waterfall
Just few steps away from the village you will see the waterfall.