The Mosque of Bachelors- Visitor Information

The Mosque of Bachelors- Visitor Information

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**Xhamia e Beqarëve: A Testament to Architectural Excellence in Berat**



Xhamia e Beqarëve (The Mosque of Bachelors) stands as a pinnacle of architectural achievement among the city’s religious structures. This highly significant monument boasts numerous architectural virtues, gracing Berat with its presence. Situated in the lower part of the Mangalem quarter, along the main road of Berat, the mosque is a two-story marvel strategically designed to harmonize with the rugged terrain.

**Architectural Features:**

– **Minaret:** The mosque is immediately distinguished by its relatively short minaret, rising from a prismatic base with a multifaceted lower body.

– **Practical Design:** Constructed with two stories, the mosque is adapted to the steep topography of its location.

– **Illuminated Prayer Hall:** The prayer hall features stone steps and is illuminated by windows arranged in two rows on all four sides. The mihrab is located on the southern side. Following restoration efforts, the prayer hall now boasts a renewed ceiling.

**Artistic and Historical Significance:**

– **Exterior Murals:** Noteworthy are the beautiful exterior murals that adorn the mosque, showcasing Islamic motifs. The outer walls, except for the portico, are adorned with various Islamic designs, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal.

– **Interior Woodwork:** Delicate wooden craftsmanship inside the mosque adds to its allure, contributing to the overall architectural finesse.

– **Restoration Efforts:** The mosque has undergone restoration, ensuring the preservation of its historical and artistic value. According to an inscription within, the mosque was painted in the years 1827-1828.

**Cultural Impact:**

Xhamia e Beqarëve is not merely a place of worship; it is a cultural and historical treasure, reflecting Berat’s rich heritage. Its architectural brilliance, coupled with artistic embellishments, makes it a landmark that transcends religious significance.

This mosque, with its unique features and historical context, stands as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and cultural importance embedded in Berat’s architectural landscape.

**Visitor Information for Xhamia e Beqarëve (The Mosque of Bachelors) in Berat:**

**Opening Hours:**

– The mosque is primarily used for prayers by the local community.

– It is generally open only during prayer times.

**Visiting Recommendations:**

– If you wish to visit the mosque, it is advisable to plan your visit after the prayer times.

– Respect the designated dress code for religious sites.

**Dress Code:**

– Visitors are kindly requested to adhere to the dress code out of respect for the religious significance of the mosque.

**Entrance Fee:**

– Entrance to Xhamia e Beqarëve is free of charge.


– As the mosque primarily serves as a place of worship, visitors should be considerate of the prayer schedule and the sacred nature of the site.

**Additional Tips:**

– Photography inside the mosque may be restricted; therefore, it is recommended to inquire with the mosque authorities before taking any photographs.

– Silence and respectful behavior are appreciated during your visit.

Berat’s Xhamia e Beqarëve welcomes visitors to experience its cultural and historical significance while maintaining the reverence associated with this sacred place of worship.

Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
Not fixed visitor time – the mosque is used for pray from Locals. After the pray is finished you can have a visit on permission by Imam
Visitors can spend about 15 minutes
no facilities
Vehicles can reach close to the spot
The mosque is not suitable for people with disabilities.