Where is the buss Terminal of Berat ?

Where is the buss Terminal of Berat ?

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Where is the buss terminal of Berat and how to get there

The bus terminal in Berat is conveniently situated at the entrance of the city, approximately 3.5 km away from the city center. To access the terminal, you have several options:

1. **City Bus**: There is a frequent city bus service that runs between the terminal and the city center. You can easily catch any city bus from the terminal to reach your destination within Berat. No need to worry about specific bus numbers as there is only one city bus line in Berat, making it simple to hop on any bus. City buss information : click here

2. **Taxi**: Alternatively, taxis are readily available at the terminal. The approximate fare for a taxi ride from the terminal to the city center is around 600 leke. Taxis offer a convenient and direct mode of transportation if you prefer not to wait for the bus.

For specific details on bus schedules and city bus stops, you can refer to the provided location attached to this post.

Visitor Information:

Buss Lines
There is only 1 Terminal in Berat. All departures are from this Terminal 
City Buss
City buss running every day – Every 20 minutes from 7:00 – 18:00
You dont have to buy a ticket in Advance. Just show at the terminal and the payment will be cash at the buss driver