Tomorr Mountain National Park

Tomorr Mountain National Park

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Tomorr Mountain National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombëtar “Mali i Tomorrit”) is a remarkable national park, founded in 1956 and located in the southern region of Albania. Nestled in the central and higher portions of the Tomorr massif, this pristine park spans an expansive area of 261.06 square kilometers (100.80 square miles) since 2012. In 2019, it was further expanded to include its quarry areas, encompassing a total territory of 26,106 hectares (64,510 acres). The park primarily lies within the Berat County, with only a modest 1,278 hectares (3,160 acres) extending into the Elbasan County. Tomorr Mountain National Park holds a distinguished status as one of Albania’s most vital protected areas, crucial for preserving mountainous biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem integrity at the national level. Notably, it has earned recognition as an Important Plant Area of international significance by Plantlife.

– **Cuka Partizan:** This is the highest summit of Tomorr Mountain on its north side.
 **Qafe Dardhe Region:** Located in the northern part of Tomorr Mountain, this region offers fantastic opportunities for camping and hiking.

**Sotira Waterfall:** Nestled in the mountain’s northern side, this enchanting waterfall is a sight to behold.

**Central Villages:** In the heart of the mountain, you’ll discover charming old villages like Tomorr Village and Lybesh Village.
 **Bogove Waterfall:** Located in the southern part of the mountain, this waterfall is a hidden gem.
**Kapinove Village:** A village situated in the southern part of the mountain, offering a unique perspective of the region.
**South Summit:** Also known as a significant pilgrimage destination, this part of the mountain is home to the shrine of Abas Ali and the teqe.


Tomorr Mountain, an imposing anticline characterized by limestone and karst formations, is one of southern Albania’s highest natural landmarks. It rises majestically between the valleys of the Osum and Tomorrica rivers to the east, in proximity to the enchanting city of Berat. This remarkable park is situated within the Pindus Mountains mixed forests terrestrial ecoregion of the Palearctic Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome. Thanks to its diverse geology and topography, the park boasts a unique array of flora and fauna. The lush forests of Tomorr National Park are home to a rich tapestry of deciduous and coniferous tree species, alongside a stunning variety of wildflowers. Among its notable inhabitants are the European beech, Bosnian pine, Turkish hazel, linaria, great yellow gentian, autumn crocus, Greek whitebeam, European mistletoe, centaury, and many others. The park is also a sanctuary for numerous species of large mammals, including wolves, foxes, wild boars, roe deer, wild goats, rabbits, golden eagles, owls, and sparrowhawks. Small mammals like the forest dormouse and wood mouse also thrive within the park’s boundaries.

Tomorr Mountain National Park features some extraordinary attractions, including the captivating Osum Canyon, the meandering Osum River, and the majestic Tomorr massif itself, which holds sacred significance for both Christians and Bekatshis.

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Visitor Information:

Within the broader Tomorr Mountain region, you can explore various destinations:
Cuka Partizan
Hiking starts from the village of Qafe Dardhe. 4×4 required
Qafe Dardhe Region
Located in the northern part of Tomorr Mountain. 4×4 vehicle required
Sotira Waterfall
Located on the North Side of the Mountain. 4×4 required
Lybesh Village
Located in the center of Tomorr Mountain. Authentic village 4×4 vehicle required
Abaz Ali Summit
Southern Summit of the Mountain 2380 m
Kapinove Village
Located in the southern part of the mountain. The village is accessible with normal vehicle