Solomon Museum – Visitor information

Solomon Museum – Visitor information

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**The Albanian Museum of Jewish History**

**History and Founder:**

Established in 2018 by Professor Simon Vrusho, the Albanian Museum of Jewish History initially operated on a modest scale with Professor Vrusho personally managing it, supported by his pension and small donations. After Professor Vrusho’s passing, the museum faced the threat of closure.

**Rescue and Relocation:**

Gazmend Toska, a French-Albanian businessperson, intervened upon learning about the museum’s precarious situation. Toska generously financed the relocation of the museum to a larger space within the city, ensuring its continued existence. This relocation was successfully completed on September 29, 2019.

**Unique Narrative:**

Distinguishing itself from other museums, this institution narrates the remarkable stories of how Albanians, guided by their centuries-old Besa code of honor, saved nearly 2,000 Jews during the Holocaust.



The museum houses a rich collection of documents, photographs, and items once belonging to the Jewish community that sought refuge in Berat during the 16th century, fleeing persecution in Spain. Notably, Albania stands as the sole Nazi-occupied territory where the Jewish population increased during World War II.


Currently under the direction of Angjlina Vrusho, the wife of the late Professor Simon Vrusho, the museum remains a testament to their shared dedication and passion for preserving the unique history it represents.

**Operating Times:**

The museum is open to the public from May to October, welcoming visitors between 09:30 and 18:00. During the low season, access is available by appointment only, reflecting the museum’s commitment to providing a personalized and enriching experience to its visitors throughout the year.

Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
welcoming visitors between 09:30 and 18:00
Approx.3o minutes
no facilities
Vehicles can reach close to the spot
Museum is suitable for people with disabilities.