Lybesh Village – Tomorr National Park

Lybesh Village – Tomorr National Park

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A Hidden Gem in Tomorr Mountain:** Lybesh village nestled in the heart of Tomorr Mountain, is a hidden gem that offers an authentic and unspoiled experience for travelers. This charming village is uniquely positioned, making it the closest settlement to the mountain’s breathtaking landscapes.

– **Preserving Authenticity:**   Village has managed to preserve its authenticity and traditional way of life, creating a genuine sense of connection to the region’s cultural heritage. With around 150 families residing here, the village exudes a strong sense of community, welcoming visitors with open arms.

**An Unexplored Destination:** While  Lybesh  Village may not be a well-trodden path for tourists, it is a place brimming with untapped potential. Its secluded nature and serene surroundings make it an attractive destination for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of more crowded tourist spots.

– **Gateway to Tomorr Mountain:** Positioned at the very doorstep of Tomorr Mountain, the village serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the natural wonders and cultural richness of the mountain and the surrounding area.

– **The Road Less Traveled:** To reach  Lybesh Village from Berat, you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle, as the terrain can be rugged and challenging. Travelers with standard vehicles can get within about 12 kilometers of the village, where they can then continue on foot to experience the village’s unique charm.

**Accommodation in Nature:** Currently, the village does not offer traditional accommodation options like hotels or guesthouses. However, it provides an extraordinary opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in nature by camping in tents. These camping spots offer a serene environment where you can reconnect with the beauty of the outdoors.


– **Transportation Services:** For the convenience of travelers, a minivan service is available for journeys to Tomorr Village, with a designated departure point marked on Google Maps. It’s important to note that the minivan operates as a one-way service, making it ideal for those planning to spend an overnight camping adventure in the village.


– **Hiking Adventures:** Once you’ve arrived in the village, a world of exploration awaits. You can embark on a fulfilling hike to ” Sradom ” a place that provides spectacular views of Tomorr National

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Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
All year
You can spend 1 full day or even camp
No services in the area.
4×4 vehicles  can access to the village
Not suitable for people with disabilities.