Dardhe Village

Dardhe Village

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Dardhe village, situated on the northern side of Tomorr National Park, boasts a rich history that spans approximately 300 years. In its heyday, the village played a pivotal role as a crucial point along a significant caravan route connecting the southeastern regions of Albania with Berat and Vlora.

The village is characterized by its traditional architecture, with distinct small quarters such as Likollare, Bexge, Qafe Dardhe, Mesme, and others. Each quarter is home to 10 to 15 houses, all constructed in the traditional style that reflects the cultural heritage of the region.

The strategic location of Dardhe village on the historical caravan route highlights its historical and economic importance. Over the centuries, it likely witnessed the passage of traders, travelers, and goods, contributing to its cultural significance within the broader context of Albanian history.

The division of the village into different quarters not only adds to its charm but also reflects the close-knit nature of the community. The traditional architecture of the homes further enhances the authenticity of Dardhe, providing visitors with a glimpse into the region’s past.

As part of Tomorr National Park, Dardhe village benefits from its proximity to the park’s natural beauty, offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems that characterize the area. The combination of historical significance and natural beauty makes Dardhe village a unique destination within the northern reaches of Tomorr National Park.

**Hike to Sotira Waterfall:**
– Approximately 2 hours from the village.
– Crystal-clear waters of two reservoirs await, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.

– **Visit Tomorr Castle:**
– Embark on a hike to explore the historical Tomorr Castle.
– Discover the castle’s rich heritage and enjoy panoramic views from its vantage point.

– **Offroad Trip to Terrove Village:**
– Take an adventurous offroad journey to the charming Terrove Village.
– Experience the unique landscapes and local culture during the trip.

– **Explore the Northern Side of the Mountain:**
– Hike to the northern side of the mountain.
– Enjoy the beauty of Tomorr National Park, with numerous trails, hidden caves, streams, and a chance to encounter hidden wildlife.

– **Discover Hidden Treasures in Tomorr National Park:**
– Since the village is situated in the heart of Tomorr National Park, explore various trails, uncover hidden caves, and follow streams to experience the park’s natural wonders.
– Encounter diverse wildlife that thrives in the park’s pristine environment.

These activities offer a diverse range of experiences, from natural wonders to historical exploration, providing an enriching and adventurous stay in and around Dardhe village.

Visitor Information:

Opening Hours:
All year
You can spend 1 full day or even camp
No services in the area.
4×4 vehicles  can access to the village
Not suitable for people with disabilities.